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MEF Workshop humble beginnings...

N.F. Mefragata Enterprises is a sole proprietorship established and registered with the DTI in 1982 by Narciso F. Mefragata primarily to engage in trading, manufacturing and distribution of scientific and technological instruments, tools, equipment and machinery.  Operations of the company already started in 1979 as a microscope repair center, a local trade which instrumentation centers like Don Bosco Science Instrumentation Center, wherein Mr. Mefragata was also Director, do not offer.  When Don Bosco closed its Instrumentation Center in 1982, Mr. Mefragata humbly established his own Science Equipment Production Center located at 500 San Joaquin St. corner San Ignacio Streets, Bgy. Plainview, Mandaluyong City.  As former Director of the Don Bosco Science Instrumentation Center, he was able to readily establish 7 major regular customers, which gradually increased to 30 major regular customers.  

With total customer satisfaction as the main thrust of the company, which perform design, construction, and repair of almost all scientific equipment and machinery from simple to complex machineries and equipment's.  With the continued quality production output being done by the firm, locally made science instruments carrying the logo of either Don Bosco or N.F. Mefragata Enterprises have become very popular and with very high demand in both local traders and consumers.

In general, the Enterprises can customize the local design and manufacture of school science instruments, conduct interactive and integrative science seminar workshops in physics for both private and public industrial arts and technical instructors.  NFM is a consultant in both public and private schools for all levels.


In 2017 the Enterprise renamed NFME to MEF Workshop Merchandise, Electronics and Functional kits or low-cost science projects for schools and hobbyist.

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